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Jan 1, 2023

Fans of Texas Country Music, Red Dirt Music, Americana, and any other name folks want to come up with to describe this genre, may not be aware of it, but one of the best songwriters and most unique artists in their midst hales from WAY NORTH of the Red River. (I think I’ve heard Corb describe his music as “Agriculture Tragic” or “Ag Trag” for short)

Born and raised in southern Alberta, Canada, the son of veterinarian, in a family with livestock and ranching history, Corb Lund “strayed a little from the herd” (see what I did there?) and chose to make his living behind a microphone and holding a guitar.

One familiar with Corb’s music today might suspect he’s been doing the country & western thing since his outset; not so.  In this interview Corb explains how for the first many years of being in the “biz” he was actually a bass player in a Canadian Heavy Metal band called “The Smalls”.  Corb played in The Smalls until 2001 when they broke up.  However, a few years prior to that, he’d began dabbling with his own country trio on the side.  After The Smalls hung it up, Corb dove head first into his own career and hasn’t looked back.

Today, Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans, as they’re billed, can now be found playing all over North America from coast to coast. 

In this interview with Corb, Carly and I really hit on his unique writing style and the diverse subject matter in his song.  As you’ll hear, Corb explains how he feels his style may have been influenced at an early age by one of his grandmothers who placed such an importance on the study and learning of Phonics.  No matter how he developed his songwriting style, it’s ultra-unique, even in this genre.  On the same record, for example, 2012’s “Cabin Fever”, one can hear a very western themed tune professing the tragedy that is cattle ownership (“Cows Around”) and a few tracks later you’ll be hit in the face with a punk sounding tune about sexy chicks in goth attire (“The Gothest Girl I Can”).

We also discuss Corb’s relationship and collaborations with another Texas favorite, Hayes Carll.  Corb discusses how he initially formed his relationship with Hayes some 15 years ago after Corb’s girlfriend at the time won all of Hayes’ money in a poker game.  Years later, Hayes helped Corb finish a song he’d been sitting on for a few years called “Bible on the Dash” that also spawned the hilarious video version of the song seen HERE. 

This interview is full of great stories including Corb’s take on bad tattoos and how he nearly was burned alive on a motorcycle trip from Vegas to Austin, but somehow, never knew how close he’d been to catastrophe until the whole event was over and done with.

You can check out more about Corb and the Hurtin’ Albertans, where they’ll be playing and how you can buy their music at .

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