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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Aug 15, 2021

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Nov 17, 2019

In this episode of the Troubadour we have a great conversation with West Texas Singer-Songwriter, Dalton Domino.

During our visit Dalton doles out some great and heartfelt advice for aspiring writers and artists.  He has a unique perspective on life and music and this interview gives the listener a great snapshot of who...

Aug 18, 2019

From the mid-2000’s until 2013, the Stillwater, OK band, No Justice, was a well-known name in the Texas Country and Red Dirt Music Scene.  Within a few short years of taking their show on the road they had become regulars at all the notable venues within the genre and had even joined the long list of artists within...

Apr 14, 2019

Casey Donahew and his career in Texas Country Music can simply be described as the American Dream. With the help of his girlfriend turned wife, Melinda, they've made the Casey Donahew Band a household name in the genre.  

Casey's career began in the Stockyards of Ft. Worth, TX.  Honing and sharpening his craft here...

Apr 7, 2019

The Red Dirt and Texas Country Music scene is loaded with talented and genuinely nice human beings. In this episode of The Troubadour we talk with Josh Ward who is most certainly a rising star and one of the most humble and hard working guys in the business. 

Josh gives a lot of credit to the team of people working...