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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Jan 31, 2021

Josh Crutchmer – Author of The Red Dirt Book

            Author Josh Crutchmer is our guest on this episode of the Troubadour.  Josh has written the quintessential book on the history of Red Dirt Music and all of the people that made the scene what it is and was.

            Josh has had a long career in journalism...

Jan 25, 2021

Let’s talk a little bit about one of the most important instruments giving country music it’s signature sound: the pedal steel guitar.

It’s a contraption with so many moving parts, whatcha-ma -call-its, and strings that even a fairly decent guitar player like myself can look at it with total wonderment and...

Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to Episode #105 of The Troubadour. 

This episode is another one in our unofficial series affectionately known as “the sidemen.”  Our guest today is good dude, who showed up here complete with his own sound effects you’ll hear sprinkled throughout the episode; His name is Michael Tarabay.

Tbay has made quite...

Jan 10, 2021

I’m sure we have quite a few successful and up and coming artists who listen to our podcast, so for all of you imagine this:  Your very first quote, unquote gig is opening for Toby Keith…well, that was reality for today’s guest Jared LoStracco.  You’ll hear all about how that happened in today’s episode.