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Aug 11, 2019

Anyone following the Texas / Red Dirt Music scene knows, that for some time now, Bri Bagwell has become a staple within it.  In this episode we find out how Bri went from singing in her twin brothers’ band at the age of 14 in her home town of Las Cruces, New Mexico, to becoming the female force in Texas & Red Dirt Music that she is today.

Bri talks us through her career’s beginnings after arriving in Texas and singing on barstools, all the way to making it to Nashville with a developmental deal in her pocket.

Bri explains how on the day she was informed that her deal wouldn’t be renewed, she decided to go out alone in Nashville and by chance, found herself at the same bar as fellow Texas Music stalwart, Wade Bowen.  In this sweet anecdote, Wade gives her a hug and explains that everything will be alright. 

Through this episode and conversation, something became pretty obvious to me about Bri:   While on the surface spectators see a sexy, talented, instrument-playing artist, what is most-likely missed, or never considered, is how freaking hard-working and determined Bri is, and HAS to be!

I want you to consider something…. And this if for our female listeners specifically:  Can you imagine changing your clothes and preparing to go onstage at a festival and the only option for a “dressing room” is a flippin’ Porta-potty?  Can you imagine riding around all over the country in a 15-passenger van with a bunch of dudes (knowing how dudes in a group can be), just to chase a career and a dream?  That shows heart.  That shows sacrifice.  That shows drive and determination.  And to be perfectly honest, I can’t say that I know many, if ANY, other females that would be willing to go through such things, for any extended length of time anyway, no matter WHAT the outcome of the effort may or may not be!

So anyway, with this episode, we give you another sneak peek behind the scenes into the life and career of a good one:  Bri Bagwell.

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