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Mar 7, 2021

Welcome to episode #112 of The Troubadour.

We’ve got a great episode for you today featuring Ryan Humbert and Emily Bates of a great band I’ve become a huge fan of called The Shootouts.

The Shootouts can be described and equal parts vintage Nashville and Texas Swing with a healthy helping of Bakersfield bravado.

Their 2019 debut album, Quick Draw, was recently followed up by their newest record, Bullseye, produced by former BR-549 frontman, Chuck Mead. 

If you are a fan of good lyrics and strong stage presence, Humbert won’t let you down as the frontman of the group.  Add in the harmony vocals of Bates along with a rhythm section made up of Ryan McDermott on the bass and Dylan Gomez on the drum kit.  Finally, if you are a fan of incredible guitar work like I am, The Shootouts lead guitarist Brian Poston just might leave you a bit spellbound.  I immediately heard similarities in Brian’s playing to my favorite guitarist and past guest on the podcast, The Chicken Pickin’ King, Johnny Hiland.

You can find out more at, including all their social links.  And for you fans of vinyl out there, this group has some of the coolest vinyl record designs we’ve ever seen.

So here comes episode #112 of the podcast with Ryan Humbert and Emily Bates of The Shootouts! 

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