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Aug 15, 2021

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Hey everybody!  Carly and I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!  So, Welcome to episode #133 of The Troubadour.  Today we have a guest that I’ve been wanting to have on the podcast for a long, long, time.  Seth James has been on my radar since the early 2000’s.

I was hearing from other artists in the Red Dirt and Texas Country scene about a guitar slinger from west Texas that I needed to check out.  Then a bit later on, as you’ll hear in this interview, I met Seth’s wife when she was a backing vocalist in Cory Morrow’s band.

In this interview we also get to talk a bit about Seth’s time as a member of The Departed which was really cool to chat about and I’m glad he spoke so candidly about it.

Seth has a brand-new record out called “New Hat” and I highly suggest you go to Seth’s website an order a copy while you’re listening to this show!

So, here comes our interview with the guitar slinging, singer-songwriter who I’ve wanted to have as a guest for a long time.  Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes our interview with Seth James!

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