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Jan 19, 2020

Today’s featured artist, Sean McConnell, is known as a well-respected consummate singer-songwriter throughout the Country, Red Dirt, Texas Country, Americana, and even Rock genres!  I mean for crying out loud, the Rock Music Icon, Meatloaf, once listed Sean by name as a creative inspiration on one of his albums within the liner notes! 

Sean’s list of cuts by other artists is downright impressive!  It includes names like Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Meat Loaf, Jake Owen, Brothers Osborne, Christina Aguilera, Buddy Miller and more…HOLY SMOKES!!!!!  Sean has also collaborated and worked with a few of our Troubadour Podcast alumni including Wade Bowen & Randy Rogers.

Sean’s picked up a guitar and started writing at the tender young age of 10; by his early teens, he was earning cash and doing this thing as a professional.  Coming from a musical family you could say music was just in his blood.  With that kind of origin story it’s easy to understand then, that by his early twenties, he was already turning heads with his songs with over a decade of songwriting experience already behind him.

Even with all of the accolades that come with his songwriting prowess, Sean’s career as a recording artist is nothing to sneeze at either.  His vocal ability is incredible.  For example, just give this little performance of his tune “Lie Baby Lie” a listen.

His latest solo effort, entitled “Secondhand Smoke”, is one of the best collections of songs I’ve heard in a long, long, long time…  If you are into true introspective singer-songwriter records like I am, this album should be on your “have to consume” list.  I’ll pull a quote from the bio on Sean’s website because of how nicely it sums the project up: “Secondhand Smoke is a stunning portrait of that Argus-eyed little boy, all grown up and grappling with what that entails.”  Do yourself a favor and check out the video for the title track by clicking HERE.

You all may also be familiar with one of Sean’s tunes co-written with country artist Brett Young, called “Mercy” that was certified double-platinum in March of last year.

Well, let me end this blog by stating I may have found a new go-to singer-songwriter when my soul needs some soothing.

Enjoy the episode…

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