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Aug 2, 2021

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Today, Carly and I are thrilled to have on the show, a competitor on Season 20 of The Voice, a fellow Kansan and veteran singer-songwriter, Savanna Chestnut

Her appearance on The Voice and getting chosen to be on Blake Shelton’s team obviously gained Savanna some recent notoriety. However, she’d already been at this music thing for quite some time before her appearance on that show was piped into television sets in homes all over the nation.

As you’ll hear in the interview, Savanna spent some time in Nashville making music and writing songs before ending up back in Kansas and now touring the Midwest relentlessly. 

Savanna’s new video for her song “Marlboro Man” can be seen by clicking HERE.

Savanna does a good job at peeling back the onion quite a bit on how shows like The Voice work and I found all of that quite interesting.  I’ve got to admit, being a contestant on one of those shows actually sounds a little more stressful to me than I’d previously thought.  I know Covid played a part in Savanna’s experience on the show, but as you’ll hear, her and her fellow contestants spent a lot of time basically sequestered to their own hotel rooms for long periods of time.  I’m glad there are determined musicians like Savanna, who are willing to endure things like that so they can bring their music to the masses.

This was a good conversation and I’m glad we’re bringing it to you, our faithful listeners!  So, here’s comes our chat with fellow Kansan and a veteran singer-songwriter with a bright future, miss Savanna Chestnut!

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