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Jun 7, 2021

Hey everyone – We’re back after taking last weekend off to enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!

On this week’s show we are visiting with the Frontman of Prophets and Outlaws, soulful singer, Matt Boggs.

Prophets and Outlaws are a southern soul band out of Dallas with a large influence from many of our favorite Texas and Red Dirt artists including Pat Green They actually recently teamed up with Pat on a song for a fundraiser called Little Bit of Love benefitting the North Texas Food Bank.  To date they have raised over $11,000 for the food bank and you can still donate to the cause by going to and clicking on the “Little bit of Love” link.

If you’ve never experienced the Prophets and Outlaws sound, I highly encourage you do go on YouTube and check out some of their stuff. 

Prophets and Outlaws - Soul Shop Video

You’ll quickly appreciate their sound and soulful harmonies.  I’ll link to some songs in the show note for this episode that can be found on the Blog page at .

So, kick back with your favorite beverage and a good cigar because here comes our visit with Matt Boggs of the southern soul band, Prophets and Outlaws.

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