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Jul 26, 2020

After years of playing fiddle for the Turnpike Troubadours, Kyle Nix has now taken on the role of a front man with the release of his own project and new album “Lightning On The Mountain & Other Short Stories”.  The record is already making waves in the scene and receiving kudos from many of his peers.

In the studio Kyle used most of the Troubadours as his backing band so the cohesion and familiarity between players was a plus, but as you’ll hear, this isn’t a spin-off of the band.  It’s definitely a beast of its own.

Kyle grew up in Oklahoma and found the fiddle in his hands fairly early in life.  It eventually led to him studying under fiddle legend, Byron Berline.  After some serendipitous events, Kyle found himself sharing a house in Stillwater, Oklahoma with Troubadours front man Evan Felker and sitting in with them at shows when he wasn’t gigging with another group.  Eventually, Kyle joined the Troubadours full-time.

This may be Kyle’s first foray into running his own ship musically, but as you’ll probably realize while you listen to the episode, this is most likely the tip of the iceberg with a lot more to come.

So, kick back and relax with your favorite tumble full of chilled bourbon, or whatever else you drink, and enjoy our visit with Mr. Kyle Nix!

All of Kyle’s social media links, music and merch can be explored by going to his website at

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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