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Sep 8, 2019

When we’d initially booked Kimberly Dunn for the podcast, we had no idea the interview and conversation would go where it did.  For instance, if you are a fan of Kimberly’s music, seen her live show or even an on-camera interview she’s done and posted on YouTube, you are aware of just how much of a bubbly and upbeat personality she has.

Unfortunately, last week when the interview was recorded, we’d all just got the news that one of her fellow female artists in the Texas Country and Red Dirt scene, Kylie Rae Harris, had tragically just lost her life in a car accident. 

So, Carly, Kimberly and I spent most of the first half of our conversation doing what people do after receiving horrible news like this: we talked about our own lives and our own struggles with the fragileness of life.  We talked about God.  We talked about our own individual purposes and earthly journey.  We talked about Kylie Rae Harris, her music, and now her loved ones that remain on earth.  We talked about things that are REAL.  This entire topic was definitely something none of us really planned to be talking about that day, but the Man upstairs has his own plans.  So, we went down that path.  And, just speaking for myself, it was a little therapeutic.  While it was a tragic even that triggered it all, it was nice to have that kind of visit with those two gals.  Before blogging on here, I do want to share that there has been a GoFundMe set up for the Kylie Rae Harris family to help cover funeral expenses and set up a college fund for her daughter Corbie.  You can contribute to it by clicking HERE

Eventually, got to the topic of Kimberly Dunn and her musical journey from a college student who entered into a “battle of the bands” competition on the encouragement of some friends, to a real honest to goodness current talent as a musical artist; and one who’s music is crossing over to several genres.

We speak about her latest 11 track release, titled “New Smoke Show”.    Dunn worked with Grammy award winning producer, Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood) on the record.  With this record, she began to show more of the pop and rock n’ roll influence in her music following her success with songs in her early career such as her tune, “Randy Rogers”.

Today, Dunn is currently working on and writing for another release, but with more freeness and self-fulfillment than ever before.  Kimberly aspires to continue growing and learning within the business of music and eventually hopes to become a producer.

Along with her career as a musician, Kimberly Dunn has been active in many other things including charity work with her Dunn Good Foundation and her Originally Dunn line of Apparel.

So, while this interview starts on a somber note, it ends really nicely and I can chalk it up as another great conversation with a talented musician and human being.  Enjoy!!

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