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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Nov 14, 2021

Welcome to episode #145 of The Troubadour! 

Today’s episode features a singer-songwriter who got his start in a custom hat making shop.  And yes, you heard me right; a musician that got his start in a custom hat making shop.

Chris Roberts is the definition of a “creative”.  As you’ll hear, Chris has done about everything.  He’s been an athlete, artist, outdoorsman and adventurist.  Living most of his life in Austin, TX, his own brand really took off when he took his creative ability and put his efforts into making some of the coolest custom hats you can buy today.  In 2013 he made the move from Austin to Aspen, Colorado and now his custom hats are worn by well-known athletes, artists, cowboys and CEOs.

But it wasn’t until a small gathering of people hanging out in his hat shop and listening to him play guitar and singing some of his own songs that his music career was born.  And once he was discovered, things progressed rapidly as you’ll hear during the episode.

This guy is just one cool cat and you can really tell that through this interview.

To find out more about Chris, where he’s playing as well as where you can buy his music, go to .

So, let’s get to it folks!  Here comes episode #145 of The Troubadour featuring Chris Roberts!

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