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Feb 2, 2020

Every now and then in the course of my life I’ve came across talented people and I’m literally shocked that up to that point, I’d never heard of them or been aware of their work.  Carin Mari was one of those cases for me. 

The first time I saw Carin play I was almost a little awestruck.  I’d went to enjoy one of Michael Martin Murphey’s Cowboy Christmas concerts in the beautiful Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia,KS near my own hometown of Scandia.  Murph, who’s currently in his early 70’s, was followed on to the stage by a handful of other male musicians in what I guessed to be in their 50’s, AND a beautiful young gal with a Fender Stratocaster strapped on.  You might say I quickly sat up and took note.  In short order the entire crowd was treated to some great western Christmas music as well as some of Murph’s classics including his iconic song, “Wildfire.”  I couldn’t help from keeping an eye on the girl playing guitar and singing harmonies alongside a Country & Western Music icon like Michael Martin Murphy with such poise.  She just looked SO damn comfortable and “in her element” if you get what I mean.  I immediately was curious about her and her backstory.

A little over a year later I was acting as the Master of Ceremonies at a business conference banquet in Fort Collins, CO.  I’d been a part of the conference banquet for the last several years and there had always been an entertainment portion of the evening.  Previously we been entertained by comedians, hypnotists and even a traveling comedy troupe, but low and behold, the entertainment hired this particular year was a singer-songwriter from Buena Vista, CO named Carin Mari!

So, that evening after meeting Carin and getting to watch her perform again I was able to ask her to be a guest on the podcast and she’s graciously accepted.  She’s got an interesting backstory involving her introduction to music and Murph at a young age which is really evident in her playing and singing.  You can just tell she is doing what she loves to do and has a great deal of passion for it.  Some folks go through their entire lives, never quite knowing or understanding what they were put on this earth for.  Carin isn’t one of them.  She’s here to make and perform music, and she’s doing just that.

So, kick back and enjoy this episode of The Troubadour Podcast with the talented Miss Carin Mari.

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