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Oct 4, 2020

This episode is the first of what we’re going to start referring to as the “Sidemen Series” on the podcast.  If you are a regular listener you know that our wheelhouse is interviewing frontmen and artists with their names on the album cover.  Well, behind all of those folks is usually a group of seasoned professional musicians helping them make the music they do.

We’ll unofficially start this series with undoubtedly the best dressed and most dapper man in the Texas Music scene and probably country music as a whole.  Brother Pete Coatney has been the drummer for Jack Ingram for the last 26 years and has been half of the duo Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers for the last 8 years.  If you’ll recall, Frenchie was our guest on episode #68 of the podcast.  Frenchie has a remarkable story in his own right so I highly suggest checking out that episode.

Pete Coatney has played and recorded not only with Jack Ingram and Frenchie, but has also done stints with other notables including Billy Joe Shaver, Chris Knight, and genius guit-steel player, Junior Brown.

As you’ll hear in this interview, Pete’s fashion style and talent as a drummer is only complimented by his warm personality which made for another great interview for us and we are glad to add this episode to our body of work. 

Here comes Episode #96 of The Troubadour, featuring Brother Pete.

Brother Pete and Frenchie’s music, merch and tour dates can be checked out by going to

Here’s a YouTube link to one of the Blues Destroyer shows:

Pete also beats the skins for Jack Ingram.  Here’ a link to Jack’s site:

Here’s a YouTube link to a Jack show with Pete laying down the beats:

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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