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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Oct 11, 2020

Carly and I have got to talk to some incredible people and artists through this podcast and today is another notch in that gunstock.

While this guest isn’t necessarily tied to music, he is a Texas artist in his own right. 

Actor Barry Corbin has had an impressive career spanning decades.  One of his most recent roles that our audience would be familiar with is as Dale; a cranky, hard of hearing veterinarian on Netflix’s The Ranch.  He’s also appeared in Better Call Saul, Northern Exposure, and several movies on the big screen including Urban Cowboy, No Country For Old Men, and a long list of others.

However, my favorite role of Barry’s thus far was that of his portrayal of Roscoe Brown; July Johnson’s hapless deputy in the Larry McMurtry classic, Lonesome Dove.

During the interview we were also excited to find out that Barry will have an upcoming role in one of the most popular American Television Series running today in Yellowstone.

I guarantee you, when I first had the idea for The Troubadour, I had no idea it would lead to interviews like the one you are about to hear.  A big thanks goes out to my partner in crime on this show, Carly Evans, for setting up such a memorable interview.

Here comes Episode #97 of The Troubadour, featuring Actor Barry Corbin.

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