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May 16, 2021

Today we have a stellar episode for you.  We are interviewing Catherine Powers and Jake Brown.  These two have co-authored a book and been instrumental in the writing of a screen play and putting together a soundtrack focusing on the life and times of legendary musician and songwriter, Freddy Powers.  The book is called The Spree of ’83 – The Life and Times of Freddy Powers.

Freddy is most well known for penning songs with, for and playing alongside Merle Haggard for decades. But, there’s a lot more to Freddy’s life and story that you’ll hear during this interview.  I was absolutely in awe of some of the stories about Freddy that you’re about to hear Catherine and Jake tell.

For our die-hard Red Dirt fans, you should be familiar with one of Freddy’s hits called “Natural High” that Stoney LaRue often covers and that my fiddle playing buddy, Jeremy Watkins absolutely kills on, whenever he sings it.

The book, audiobook, and soundtrack can all be found simply by googling it, but you can also go to to get more info.

I’ll also have the pre-order link in the show notes for this episode.


So, here comes another damn fine episode of The Troubadour featuring Catherine Powers and Jake Brown, the authors of “The Spree of ’83: The Life and Times of Freddy Powers!”

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