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Aug 18, 2019

From the mid-2000’s until 2013, the Stillwater, OK band, No Justice, was a well-known name in the Texas Country and Red Dirt Music Scene.  Within a few short years of taking their show on the road they had become regulars at all the notable venues within the genre and had even joined the long list of artists within the “Live at Billy Bob’s” series, with their 2007 release.

Frontman, Steve Rice, and the rest of the band, were playing up to 250 show annually; paying the dues it takes to make it and establish yourself as a group that isn’t just dabbling.

Then, in 2013, the band hung it up.

In this interview with Steve, he goes deep into his near fatal health scare, which ultimately led to his decision to stop touring in 2013 and take his life in a new direction. 

As one might expect, and as he recounts, his decision to stop playing wasn’t welcome news for everyone associated with No Justice.  However, his near-death experience didn’t leave any room for wavering, and his decision didn’t change.

After re-grouping and moving his family closer to other loved ones, life went on.  Steve still loved music and it remain within him, even though he used the years following the break-up of No Justice to work on other things in his life.

And then, the opportunity to play again as No Justice happened.  After some phone calls to band-mates and nailing down some specific criteria to the next evolution of No Justice, the group was back.

While Steve insists that they won’t be touring as heavily as they used to, they’ll take the gigs they want and release the music they choose to and when.  Their current single “More to Live For” is hitting the airwaves and can be found through your favorite streaming service.

All their upcoming tour dates can be found by clicking HERE

Listen in as Carly and I catch up with an old friend from yesteryear, Mr. Steve Rice!

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