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Jun 23, 2019

On the eve of the release of their brand-new album, Hail Mary, Shane Smith of Shane Smith and the Saints, sits down with us for a visit and a trip down memory lane.

Shane picked up the guitar in his teens after his college-aged brother came home for Christmas break one time and showed him how to play a lick from the well-known rock band Metallica.  After that, Shane was hooked.  He began writing and pairing up with others to start performing live at events like FFA district banquets.

After graduation from high school Shane headed to Tyler, TX for college and some of his first gigs in Tyler found him at a biker bar singing to some of the most influential members of certain motorcycle gangs in the country.

Shane soon wound up in Austin, TX and started to piece together what has now become Shane Smith and the Saints.  Their music is very notable because of the multiple part vocal harmonies that give them a very unique sound in the Texas Country and Red Dirt Music scene.

In a funny story towards the end of the episode, we are all reminded to make sure we have the correct address before entering any property…

Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this conversation with Shane, Carly and Pete.

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