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Aug 15, 2022

The best way to become good at most things is by simply doing them; by finding out what works and what don’t work; to get in the trenches; to pay your dues, trial and error….and sometime trial by fire.

The music business, like any other, has lots of ins and outs, lots of best practices and general rules for success.  And as I just said, the best way to become good at something is through experience, however, you can also reduce the grade of the learning curve by listening to people who have already been there and done that; people who are already at a level of success you haven’t reached yet and learn from them or simply model what that are doing.

Our guest today is Sam Cox.  Thus far during his career in music, Sam has gained experience in about ever facet of this game.  Sam’s spent time as a front man, a side-man, a songwriter, a tour manager, a booking agent, a promotor and publicist, a………you get the picture.

Sam currently handles a lot of these roles for the Oklahoma based band, fronted by his wife Autumn I might add, Ragland.  He’s also handling the booking and mangement duties for another Oklahoma artist named Tyler Byrd through his management company Highway 82 Management.

I think there are lots of nuggets of info in this episode for anyone in any facet of the music business.

If you have any specific questions for Sam and want to reach out to him, he can be reached by emailing him at  or by going to  .

Now, on to the show!

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