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Jun 4, 2023

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Today is Sunday, June 4th, 2023 Carly and I are back with another new episode featuring a singer-songwriter Ryan Lindsay.


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Today’s guest, Ryan Lindsay, has had great success as a songwriter and storyteller having won several Country Music Alberta awards as well as having been a nominee for a Canadian Country Music Association award.


Along with being a musician, Ryan is also a genuine outdoorsman having worked as a backcountry guide and growing up on the prairies of Canada.


Due to extenuating circumstances…or put another way, due to my eldest son getting involved in a little scrap after school on the day this episode was recorded, I had to text Carly and let her know I was dealing with that little situation and she’d have to fly solo on this interview with Ryan.  Which really is a bummer because I was excited to talk to Ryan about hunting, fishing and other outdoorsy things, along with his music of course…In any event, my son was dealt with, Carly pulled off the episode on her own, and here we are!  So along with you, I’ll be listening to this episode for the first time as well!


Here comes Episode #175 of The Troubadour featuring our very own Carly Evan’s visit with country singer and songwriter Ryan Lindsay.