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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Jun 16, 2019

Rob Baird is a singer and songwriter who had the good fortune of being raised in the legendary music town of Memphis, TN.  He first picked up a guitar in his teen years.  During his career thus far he’s been signed by a label, been a staff writer on Music Row, has shared tour dates with many of the big stars in the business, and has had many of his songs picked up by television shows.  But it all hasn’t been roses…. 

After getting into some trouble as an adolescent, his father sent him off to work on a ranch in the West.  His experience with ranching and livestock led him to school in Ft. Worth to study such things, however, after his first experience with artificial-insemination, he decided that playing music for a living and writing songs sounded like a much better option.

Rob built a strong following by playing a weekly gig in Ft. Worth which gave him the confidence to record and hit the road.  Following the release of his first record he caught the ear of a label in Nashville and ended up becoming a staff writer on Music Row for many years.  After becoming a bit disillusioned with the recent Bro-Country movement, Rob packed up and moved back to Texas and is now settled in Austin.

In this episode he recounts some cool anecdotes about his career thus far including sharing dates with the sometimes “abrasive” Travis Tritt and having checks sent to his mailbox signed by Ashton Kutcher.  Listen in!

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