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Oct 3, 2021

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Carly and I are thrilled to be joined by a true giant in Texas Swing Music today.  This gentleman is also a big supporter of Red Dirt and Texas Country Music as well.  Ray Benson, Frontman of the legendary Austin band, Asleep at The Wheel is our guest today!

Ray’s career as a musician has spanned more than 50 years and has influenced a ton of artists in the industry.  He’s also well-known as a producer and as a studio owner.  Many of our past guests on The Troubadour have either recorded at his Austin studio, Bismeaux  Studios, or used him as a producer on their own projects.  As you’ll hear, Ray is a bit of a gear nerd and due to that fact his studio is equipped with some of the very best equipment money can buy.  He’s worked on the recording projects of Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Aaron Watson and many more.

Asleep at The Wheel - Half a Hundred Years

There’s also a very interesting portion of this interview dealing with the tragedy that occurred on 9/11.  We all remember where we were on that day.  Well, Ray’s story may be one of the more unique you’ll ever hear.

This was an absolutely wonderful visit and it’s a great honor for Carly and I to bring it to you today.

You can find out more about Ray, at

Here comes episode #139 of The Troubadour featuring a Texas Swing legend, Ray Benson.


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