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Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to today’s show, and a great show it’ll be!  I saw a face book post a few weeks back that was advertising a newly released book called “My Life on the Road with David Allan Coe”.  With as colorful of a character as I knew Coe to be, I of course wanted to learn more!  I found out that book was written by a guy named Mickey Hayes who played bass in Coe’s band for years.  So, for anyone who’d spent that much time with David Allan Coe, I knew he’d have some great stories that our listeners would love to hear, so I immediately reached out to Mickey to set up the interview.  Mickey graciously accepted my invitation and the interview, as you are about to hear, didn’t disappoint.

I highly encourage you to go pick up your own copy of the book.  I’ll have a direct link in the show notes for you to do just that. 

Amazon link to Mickey’s book

Gilley's Show w/ Warren Haynes

On to today’s episode with our guest, musician and author, Mickey Hayes.

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