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Feb 21, 2021

Today’s guest is Michael Kelton.

Michael has created an intimate live concert series called the Sideman Song Swap.  The concerts are taking place in some very cool venues around Texas, so for out Texas listeners I encourage you to go to the Sideman Song Swap page on Facebook to find out when and where these events are taking place.

So, what is a Sideman Song Swap concert.  Well, as the name implies, backing band members, or “sidemen” of some of our favorite artists in the scene, take the stage with Michael to play their original tunes and tell stories from the road.  So, just how does Michael know all of these “sidemen”?  Well, Michael is a journeyman drummer in the scene and currently plays the drum kit for Pat Green.  Over his career he’s also toured with many other notable names in the business as you’ll hear throughout the episode.

Michael has also started to have success as a songwriter in his own right and has cuts on Pat’s next record.  Pretty cool right?

Michael also has a very cool business with his wife called More Than Music Creations that actually repurposes things like guitar strings into jewelry and also pairs younger folks with music mentors.  Check it out at:

So here comes episode #110 of the podcast with singer, songwriter, drummer and creator of the Sideman Song Swap concert series, Mr. Michael Kelton!

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