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Oct 13, 2019

I first came across the music of Max Stalling around the year 2000.  I believe it was my older brother, Kade, who shared a copy of Max’s 1997 record, “Comfort in the Curves”, with me. 

By now, listeners of the podcast probably know how much I “geek out” on great songs and quality songwriting.  So, when I started listening to Max’s music, I couldn’t keep the grin from creeping across my face.  I often had those: “Damn…I wish I’d thought of that line” moments.

Without writing “over your head”, Max is still able to weave more graduate-level lyrics and concepts into his music than a lot of writers I listen to, which is part of the reason I dig him so much.  Through our conversation in this episode it’s easy to understand why, as he explains that when he was a child, he would actually just thumb through the dictionary to find new words he didn’t know.  Then, there’s the fact that prior to his career as a singer and songwriter, he worked as a research scientist developing new food products for Frito-Lay.  We actually got to visit a little about that part of his career too in this episode.  I find that kind of stuff fascinating so I’m glad Max was cool with sharing.

Max talks about his start in the music business which was suggested to him by several other songwriters and musicians he had befriended; specifically, Mark David Manders who Max is still close to. 

Max also has the good fortune of traveling and performing with his wife Heather, who plays fiddle along-side him.  We visit a bit about Heather’s career as a fiddle player as well. She started playing at the age of 3 and her ability allowed her to eventually land gigs in Branson, MO with some of the biggest names in the business.

While Max’s writing is unique, another thing that you’ll hear in Max’s music that is a bit uncommon is the use of a classical nylon-string guitar on most of his songs.  To me, that instrument just fits SO well with Max’s writing style and delivery.

So, if you haven’t had yourself a healthy dose of Max’s music, what are you waiting for?

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