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Dec 22, 2019

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How would you like it if someone called you a “long-haired, tattooed, hippie-freak?”  Well, founding member and frontman of Texas band Eleven Hundred Springs, Matt Hillyer, is O.K. with that terminology.

In this episode of the podcast we have a great visit with Matt Hillyer and learn about his history as a musician and songwriter, as well as the origins of the band, Eleven Hundred Springs. 

Matt’s life and origin story in music is really interesting.  He started singing and playing in his own rockabilly band at the age of 12!  Matt talks about the influence on his life and music by one of his mentors, Jim Heath aka The Reverand Horton Heat and how Heath’s music/style helped shaped his career.

After playing in various other bands and groups, Eleven Hundred Springs became a band in the late 1990’s with Hillyer on guitar & vocals along with handling the songwriting duties, Steven Berg on Bass and Richie Vasquez on drums.  The band has went through various lineups since then, but Hillyer and Berg have remained the mainstays of the group.

You can learn more about Matt and Eleven Hundred Springs, AND pick up their latest record, “Here ‘Tis” by clicking HERE!

So, without further ado, enjoy the episode!

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