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Jul 14, 2019

One thing that seems to set Texas Country Music and Red Dirt Music apart from the everything else, in my humble opinion, is the unbridled honesty of the artists and their approach to making and performing music. 

This interview with Kyle Park is a perfect example. 

Kyle recounts some great stories from his past on his rise in Texas Country Music from the nitty-gritty of his first paying gigs while in college at San Marcos, TX, to touring 180-200 dates a year in his 20’s, to now pulling back a bit and averaging 100-120 dates a year.  From getting on stage with Johnny Lee and his band while in his teens, to fronting a cover band made up of musicians including members of George Strait’s “Ace in the Hole” band, Kyle has taken something from all of those types of experiences, added in his own creativity and talent, and created a successful career for himself that is rightly, the envy of others.

At the age of 12, Kyle unfortunately lost his father.  Kyle partially credits that experience for the reason he now seems to enjoy it when the pressure is put on him in life; whether that be as the front-man and leader of his band, to his time on the golf course.  He also tells us how sharing that tough experience from his past with his fans has actually helped him to connect with them on a deeper level today.

We get in depth about some of the songs from his latest album, “Don’t Forget Where You Come From”; especially the song “Rio” and how the video for the song came to be.

On the eve of Kyle traveling to Europe to play a show at Normandy in November we talk about the amazing opportunities that being in the music industry can bring to those who are lucky enough to be a part of it. 

Kick your boots off and enjoy the listen!

We also want to point out that the 55th Annual Courtland Funday is quickly approaching and will be held the last weekend in July. (July 26th & 27th)  It will feature all kinds of activities and entertainment including a Saturday night performance by a previous guest on the podcast: Rob Baird.  Check out the details of the entire event by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget about the upcoming 610 Music Festival.  For more information you can go to: 610 Music Festival on Facebook.  For tickets click HERE!

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