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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

May 3, 2020

I’ve always been a fan of ladies with auburn hair, and when you combine auburn hair with a beautiful voice and top-notch songwriting, you end up with Oklahoma native and rising singer-songwriter in the scene, miss Kaitlin Butts.

Carly and I really enjoyed our visit with Kaitlin and were glad we could finally make it happen.  Kaitlin and I had been playing email tag for months as we tried to get her scheduled as a guest on the show.

Let’s just say I was having a little trouble with my podcast email account for about 2 months and when I finally was able to hack back into the account, I noticed I’d missed email responses from her and several other artists.  So, let me use this time to apologize to anyone who responded to or wrote me an email, never to get a prompt response.  I believe it’s all been rectified now and is now fully operational again.

During this interview, Kaitlin reported that she was sheltering in place at her mother’s house but just like all other artists, you can tell she’s ready to get back out on the road and performing for her fans.

She’s also recently started a cameo account, so if you would like a private message, song performance or birthday wish from Kaitlin, directly to you or whomever you chose, just go to .

So here we go with episode #76 of The Troubadour featuring our interview with singer-songwriter, Kaitlin Butts.

Kaitlin’s website:




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