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Sep 1, 2019

How does a guy go from once working as a commodities trader in Chi-town, to becoming a successful country songwriter and artist along with being an entrepreneur selling his own name brand Tequila?  Well, in this interview with Jon Wolfe, we’ll get the skinny on it all.

Jon’s journey as a musician and songwriter is unique.  While he knew he was always drawn to music, he didn’t take it seriously until college when picked up the guitar and realized he really had a passion for it.  After graduation, and following his employer transferring him from Chicago to Houston, Jon started playing open mic nights which eventually led to a relationship with John Evans who was one of his first influencers and really helped him work on his songwriting.  As Jon immersed himself in the Texas music scene, he eventually got to know a few other artists and even was roommates with Hayes Carll for a time.

Eventually, Jon ended up in Nashville with a deal and was writing up to 3 times a day on Music Row where he was able to learn a lot and cultivate his craft which he talks about in the interview.

When the deal fell through, Jon ended up moving back to Texas and putting his solo career as a Texas Country Music artist into motion.

While Jon continues to build his career as a country music artist in Texas, he’s also been working over the last couple of years to develop his own brand of Tequila.  He’s proud to announce that Juan Lobo Tequila is now available in many Texas locations and he and his team are working on expanding their reach.

Check out the Juan Lobo Tequila website below to find out how you can get your own bottle!

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