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Oct 27, 2019

I’d never met Jody Booth before this interview.  But, before it was over, I knew I was talking to a guy that would be fun to sit at a bar with, down a few cold beers and just talk music and life with. 

Holy cow, I laughed a lot during this interview!  Like me, I’m sure that before this episode is over you can understand why Jody is liked by so many of his peers in the industry.

If you are unaware, beyond Jody’s own career, there are a couple other important musical females in his life.  The first, and in no particular order, is Bri Bagwell.  Bri has been a past guest on the podcast and her and Jody have recently teamed up for a new musical endeavor.  They are booking some gigs as a duo and they call themselves the “Set ‘em up Joes.”  Jody and Bri have been longtime friends and collaborators so they said it should be fun chasing down this little side project.

The other musical female in Jody’s life is his daughter, Laci Kaye Booth, who’s musical stardom began taking off after having success as a contestant on American Idol.  We visited with Jody a little bit about her and what it’s like to have a daughter who’s success in the business is really taking off.

There are a ton of other things I could say about this episode but I think I’ll let the audio speak for itself. 

Make sure to check out Jody’s website and music by clicking HERE !

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