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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Apr 5, 2020

James Lann

Texas Country artist James Lann is our featured guest this week on the podcast.  James has performed in 20 countries all over the world and has had 7 chart toppers on the Texas Country charts.

However, in this interview, as you might imagine with current state of things in regard to the Coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, much of our conversation revolves around what artists are trying to do right now to stay afloat. 

While there are some somber moments in the interview in which we discuss the current crisis, we also have some good laughs and get to learn a lot about James origin story and various stories from his career.

So without further ado, here comes episode #72 of The Troubadour featuring the one and only, James Lann.

James Lann’s website:




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