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Feb 16, 2020

Drew Fish

Drew Fish comes from a musical family and was hanging out with legends in the Texas Music Scene like producer Lloyd Maines before he even considered a career in music.

After being called on-stage to help Cory Morrow sing one of his signature tunes, “Drink One More Round”, Drew knew he was hooked on music.

Drew’s current record, “Wishful Drinkin’” is his first full-length album and he’s a co-writer on almost every track on the record.  Notable co-writers, Tommy Conners and Byron Hill lend their prowess to several of the songs as well.  Tommy and Byron have had cuts with huge acts including George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney, etc.…you get the picture.  Drew even has a duet with legendary Nashville artists, Pam Tillis on this record on his current radio single, “Every Damn Time.”

Along with chasing a career as an artist, Drew also helps put on the semi-annual Drew Fish Band Songwriter’s Retreat.  As you’ll hear in the interview, I’m now on a very long wait list of folks wanting to attend. It sounds like a complete blast!

So, kick back and enjoy this episode of The Troubadour Podcast.

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