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Apr 3, 2023

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Today is Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 and on this episode Carly and I are stoked to bring you our recent visit with a great artist and songwriter from Manitoba, Canada named Del Barber.  If you are already into other Canadian artists like Corb Lund and Colter Wall, you’ll probably want to add Del to the list of highly talented singer-songwriters from up north.


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Finding out about the music of Del Barber was really like a breath of fresh air for me.  Del is a “songwriter’s songwriter” and one quickly understands why he gets compared to guys like John Prine and has been featured in Rolling Stone.


He’s a very down to earth dude that lives in rural Canada about 4 hours from an airport and when he’s not writing songs on his farm, he’s enjoying the quiet remoteness of the land.  As you’ll hear he’s an introspective guy, as most songwriters are, for me it was kinda like talking to an ol buddy I hadn’t seen in years.


His new album, “Almanac” will come out on April 28th and he and his band are getting ready to hit the road to showcase the new tunes.  The tour starts this coming Tuesday, April 4th and they’ll be all over the provinces of Canada grinding it out until mid-May.  And for you Texas listeners, Del will be at the Mucky Duck in Houston on May 26th.  He’ll be adding more stateside dates before long so make sure you check out his schedule at and pre-order your copy of “Almanac” while your there.


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 So let’s get into it!  Here comes Episode #171 of The Troubadour and our visit with Canadian singer-songwriter, and potentially my new deer hunting buddy, Del Barber