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Aug 22, 2021

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Dallas Pryor, front man of the Lazy Wayne Band, is our guest today.  Dallas is another Kansan we were really glad to have as a guest on the show.  He’s got an interesting story of how he went from military service man, to a guy busking and playing music as a side gig, to going full-time just recently.

As you’ll hear in the interview, I kept seeing the “Lazy Wayne Band” pop up here and there in my Facebook stream, and as another KS musician, I couldn’t really figure out why I didn’t know who these guys were.  Well, I soon found out, #1, because I’m old, and #2, they started making a name for themselves in KS about the time I went on my hiatus from the music business and checked out for a while.  But they seem like my kind of guys and I’m looking forward to catching them live sometime soon.

There may even be a possible song swap in the works for Dallas and I somewhere this fall which I’m sure would prove to be a good time.

So here comes episode #134 of The Troubadour featuring Dallas Pryor of the Lazy Wayne Band.

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