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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

May 25, 2020

Once again, we’re brining you guys a stellar episode today.  I’ve been a long-time fan of Texas Troubadour, Cory Morrow. Way back in my college days when I first heard his iconic songs like Texas Time Travelin, Nashville Blues and Big City Stripper it was simply hard not to like Cory’s music.

Cory’s high energy shows and hell-raising reputation on and off stage in his early days were all part of the package.  In this episode I was really impressed with Cory’s transparency about his early days and we actually talked a lot about maturing in one’s career and looking back and wishing we might have done a few things different.  But that’s kinda what Cory is all about: truth, honesty and holding nothing back; the good and the bad.

In the interview I actually get to retell Cory a story about how after a show once in Manhattan, KS he handed me his guitar and let me play him one of my songs and how special of a moment that was to a totally green and aspiring wannabe at the time. 

Cory is the real deal folks.  He holds nothing back.  His music and songs come from a deep place within him and his heart.  I had a lot of respect for the guy before this interview and now that has only deepened.

Cory’s a true Christian family man and you can witness this during his livestream “Morrow Monday’s” that you all need to check out.  His kiddos are usually part of the broadcasts and frankly, are just pretty damn cute…Oh, and Cory’s musical performances are pretty great too!

So here we go with episode #79 of The Troubadour featuring our conversation with Cory Morrow.

All of Cory’s social media links, music and merch can be explored by going to his website at

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