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Sep 22, 2019

So imagine this:  You’re a 15 year-old with musical aspirations.  Fatefully, your sister marries a guy who is in a band, tours on a bus, and is cool if you ride along every summer until you graduate high school… IMO, that’s the hand of God at work.  This is the actual life experience of Texas singer-songwriter, Charlie Shafter.

In this episode you will quickly realize just how likeable of a guy Charlie Shafter is.  Shafter’s musical stylings are certainly influenced by other artists he mentions in this interview such as James Taylor, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. 

To Yours Truly, Charlie’s music is a nice breath of fresh air in a in the Texas Country – Red Dirt Music world that is sometimes a bit over-run with songs following “way too familiar” of themes. (Beer drinking, skirt chasing, unrequited love, etc.)

Charlie and his side-kick, multi-instrumentalist, “Starfire On the Mountain”, can be seen HERE doing what they do best together.  And yes, the guy’s name is Starfire On the Mountain.  You can hear all about how “Starfire” got his name within the episode.

During the episode we also visit a bit about how Charlie and Starfire also produced almost 70 episodes of their own podcast years ago called “You Can’t See Us with Starfire and Charlie.”  Charlie explains that their podcast was mostly about non-music topics such as conspiracy theories.  Click HERE to check it out!  Maybe if we get enough people to listen to it Starfire and Charlie will resurrect it!

Charlies latest album, “When I was Yours and You were Mine” was mostly penned during a time in his life that can be described as highly emotional and complex.  Fans of Texas Country Music will also be interested to know that Josh Abbott acted as a co-producer on the record along with Dwight Baker.  Click HERE to check it out.

Everything Charlie Shafter can be found by clicking HERE or by following him on your favorite social media mediums.

Enjoy the episode!

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