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Aug 29, 2021

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Welcome to episode #135 of The Troubadour.

First of all, here’s our friendly reminder that we’ll be taking next week off for the Labor Day weekend AND to celebrate Carly’s wedding and get her and her fiancé hitched up!  So a huge congratulation to Carly and Jesse and I’m sure the entire Troubadour Podcast family wishes you two lovebirds all the best!

On today’s episode Carly and I were lucky to have a Troubadour Podcast veteran back on the show!  Colorado based singer and songwriter, Carin Mari, first joined us on the podcast for Episode #63 !  Today she’s back to talk about the release of her brand-new record “Home.”  You’ll hear Carin describe the unique process of recording this new record right in the middle of the pandemic which I think you’ll find pretty cool.  You can see Carin’s upcoming tour dates supporting the record by going to her website at .

Along with working her own career, Carin is the lead guitarist and harmony singer for the legendary Michael Martin Murphy.  When she’s not performing by herself and working on her solo career, she’s an integral member of Murph’s Rio Grande Band.  I mention this in the episode, but I am a huge fan of one of Murph’s hit songs titled “What’s Forever For” and there are some great YouTube videos  out on the interweb of Murph with Carin and the rest of The Rio Grande Band performing the song.

Throughout this episode you’ll hear some snippets of songs from Carin’s new record Home which will give you a taste of just what a cool and special record this is for Carin, especially after you learn how it was recorded.  I highly encourage you to go buy a copy from Carin’s website or download a copy using any of the links within the show notes for this episode. 

Buy Carin’s new record “Home” by clicking on the following links:

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