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Oct 6, 2019

While Adam Hood is well-known in the Texas and Red Dirt Music scene today, it all started for him in his home state of Alabama.  Many musicians and songwriters in the scene harken back to a time period in their lives (that usually coincides with their college years) when playing music became a possibility for a career.  Not for Adam Hood.  Adam was already playing a weekly gig, paying $150, at the ripe old age of 16!  So, to say he’s a veteran of this music thing is a fair assessment. 

I’d first been introduced to the music of Adam Hood when I ordered a Dell Computer back in 2004.  Pre-loaded on to every Dell Computer that year were a handful of songs from several artists.  To my good fortune, and with “A” being the first letter in the alphabet, Adam Hood and his song, “Play Something We Know” was at the top of the list.  I was instantly a fan, and the rest, as they say, is history.  During the interview Adam and I recount this story and how to this day, many folks still bring up getting introduced to his music through their Dell computer.

Adam tells us how using a industry person in Austin, TX to help him put out his 2004 EP “6th Street”, introduced him to others in the Texas Music and Red Dirt scene.  This eventually led to friendships and music contacts with the likes of Miranda Lambert and Frank Liddell.

After meeting Frank, Adam started writing for him in the mid to late 2000’s.  He was also starting to do more co-writing with folks in the Texas/Red Dirt scene by this time with artists like Stoney LaRue and Wade Bowen.

We visited quite a bit about Adam Hood, “the songwriter” on top of Adam Hood “the artist.” While Hood says he can’t imagine being one, without the other, he does have extensive songwriting credits and has wrote with some of the best out their including now-superstar, Chris Stapleton and has had cuts with many Texas/Red Dirt acts as well as national acts like Little Big Town.  You can check out a good deal of his songwriting credits by clicking HERE.

We eventually talk about things like being a family-man as well as a touring musician and songwriter which Hood has navigated quite well.

So, there’s your brief and written intro to this episode.  But like always, the only way to truly experience what we captured in our interview with Adam Hood, is to press that play button and listen.


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