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Mar 8, 2020

On this episode Carly and I get to have a great conversation with Kevin “Frenchie” Blues of the guitar driven blues/rock duo, Frenchies Blues Destroyers. 

The 2nd half of this two-piece is drummer, Brother Pete Coatney. 

Frenchie and Brother Pete have both been long-time members of Jack Ingram’s band.  After years of just being the lead guitar player for Jack, Frenchie starting writing his own songs. Brother Pete liked what he heard and encouraged Frenchie to start performing them, and the duo was born. 

After an inaugural gig in Dallas’s Deep Ellum the destroyers knew they had something.  Now, whenever they aren’t busy backing up Jack, Frenchie and Brother Pete are melting off new faces everywhere they can. 

Frenchie, who earned that nick-name from Jack Ingram, also has a truly inspirational back story. 

Growing up in France and being a fan of American and English Rock and Blues music, Frenchie decided coming to the states was a must for him.  So, in 2001, with nothing more than a backpack, a guitar and a couple hundred bucks, Frenchie stepped off a plane in L.A. and put his feet on American soil for the first time.  Within just a few weeks some good luck came his way and, Frenchie was befriended by Waylon Jenning’s son Shooter.  After he saw Frenchie’s guitar playing talent, Shooter quickly offered him the lead guitar role in his band at the time, Stargunn.

As you’ll hear in the interview, Frenchie’s dealings with immigration over the years has been quite a challenge but we’re happy to announce that as of 2016 Frenchie is now a legal citizen of the United States.  Once again, I’m amazed at the names that come up in our interviews, but as you’ll hear, Frenchie had some major help in getting letters of support along his immigration journey from folks like Waylon Jennings, Jack Ingram and believe it or not, Metallica lead singer, James Hetfield!  So here we go:  Episode #68 of the Troubadour Podcast is coming at you featuring our newest friend, Frenchie!  Enjoy!

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