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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Feb 26, 2023


Before jump into today’s episode remember that The Troubadour is now an affiliate for Sweetwater.  So, the next time you buy any new strings, picks, microphones, recording gear, etc. make sure to use the link on our website!

Kevin Fowler says that his approach to life is to never take it too seriously.  You can certainly hear that come through in his unique style of songwriting; but, I also submit that that attitude also has a lot to do with his success as an entertainer.

Growing up in west Texas, Kevin’s musical journey started as a drummer in his high school band.  Once in college, he picked up the guitar, started playing in a cover band, and his musical fire was lit.  Around his Junior year he dropped out of college and moved to L.A. to study music full-time.  After a year and a half in L.A. Kevin moved to Austin to play music full time - in rock bands.  Eventually his writing style lead to his evolution into country music and becoming a singer and front man of his own band.

While working on finding his voice as a country entertainer in Austin in the late 1990’s, he paid his bills by driving a route and delivering local periodicals.  It was during this time that the majority of his “Beer Bait and Ammo” record was written.  While driving his route he would work on song ideas and record them on a hand-held tape recorder.  At other times he recalls dialing his home phone and leaving song ideas on his answering machine so he wouldn’t lose them.

In this interview, Fowler recounts the evolution of the Texas Country / Red Dirt scene from the late 90’s until today and just how much the internet and social media has totally changed the game.  It’s no longer a business where you can only get your music heard by getting radio airplay.  He also talks about how relentless touring used to be the only way to spread your music virally without a major deal and how now the internet has blown the game wide open.

The transition from old physical forms of music to the digital distribution streams of today is exhibited in the fact that Fowler states that he just recently threw away over 4,000 copies of his own CDs, simply because no one buys them anymore.  In fact, he tells us in this interview he only pressed 1,000 copies of his new record, “Barstool Stories” released on August 23, 2019; and he only did that to ensure he had some to sell at live shows.

In the later moments of the interview Kevin talks about his work with producer and friend, Trent Wilmon as well as other well-known names in the scene including Thom Shephard, Roger Creager and others.

Listen in and enjoy.