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Jan 5, 2020

In this interview with singer-songwriter Jason Eady, we once again really demonstrate why conversations we have on this podcast with these artists are so interesting.  We end up learning things about the artist and their lives that are just down right fascinating.

For example, fans of Eady’s music already appreciate his unique approach to songwriting but, were they aware that before he became a professional musician he was involved in clandestine and secret operations as a linguist for the military?  No joke…

While we get into his music a little later in the interview, initially we visit about his path to the stage as a musician and singer-songwriter which started when he was quite young.  He had the dream to be a country music star so as soon as he’d graduated high school, he moved to Music City.  While the Nashville excursion ultimately didn’t pan out as he’d hoped, it was during his time there that he decided to go to an Air Force recruiting office and soon found himself as a member of the military.  Therefore, he put his musical aspirations on hold and spent 6 years in the Air Force acting as a linguist and translator focusing on speaking Arabic.

Upon his return to civilian life he wound up working a day job in Ft. Worth, TX; but the music bug started gnawing at him again.  Soon he was singing his own songs at open mic nights and developing a loyal following.  When a chance for a big promotion came up, he realized it was a fork in the road of his life.  He could either take the promotion and give up on the music, OR, he could take a leap of faith and start really focusing on a career in music.  Luckily for his fans, he chose the second option and the rest is history.

Since making that fateful decision, he’s released multiple projects to great critical acclaim and has worked regularly with now longtime collaborator, Kevin Welch, and even had superstars like Vince Gill sing on his records!

Jason’s latest record is called “I Travel On” and is available by clicking HERE.

I’ll let the rest of the episode’s conversation speak for itself!

Sit back and enjoy the episode!

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