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Dec 29, 2019

Imagine this:  You are in college and after attending a few live musical performances you decide it’s something you yourself just might like to do with your life: sing and play onstage, for a living...  But you haven’t really sang since you were in high school and you don’t play an instrument.  How would this even be possible?  Would you imagine that by fast-forwarding your life by just a year that you would be singing and playing guitar in a band?  Well, this is pretty much the story of Texas Country singer and songwriter, Jamie Lin Wilson! 

Jamie Lin Wilson’s music career was something that she hadn’t really even considered until attending those live shows with her cousin in college.  But as soon as she got her first guitar, it was full steam ahead.  She started playing open mic nights in College Station and within a year she was singing lead and harmony vocals as a member of The Gougers.

After spending time in The Gougers as well as the all-female group, The Trishas, Jamie has gone on to focus on her career as a solo artist.

As a mother and a wife, her life as a touring musician hasn’t been easy, but her determination and perseverance has allowed it all to work out.

Jamie’s latest record, and her second full-length solo album, “Jumping Over Rocks” can be picked up by clicking HERE.

Sit back and enjoy the episode!

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