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Sep 26, 2021

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Welcome to episode #138 of The Troubadour.

I’m flying solo again on today’s episode without Carly but I still think this turned out to be great interview with a true legend in American and Country Music.  This guest was even gracious enough to leave the beauty and fun of trout fishing on the Gunnison River in Colorado sit in his pickup for an hour and visit with me.

Gary Morris’ recording career garnered five #1 hits and sixteen top 10s!  In 1984 his country rendition of the hit song “Wind Beneath My Wings” won the ACM’s “Single of the Year”.  A couple years earlier, in 1982, Gary was named Billboard’s “Male Artist of the Year.”

Lay Miserob

At the height of his Nasvhille recording career, Gary was selected to play the lead role in the epic Broadway play “Les Miserables”.  His vocal performance from the play of the song “Bring Him Home” was also part of the platinum selling Grammy winning international cast album.

He’s performed for the Queen of England and every U.S. President from Jimmy Carter to Barrack Obama.  You’ll hear how ironically, through politics, his career in music took off.

This was a great interview and I’ll be forever grateful for Gary taking a moment out of his day fishing in Colorado to visit with me for you, the listener’s of The Troubadour.

You can find out more about Gary’s incredible career and order his merch and music, at

So here comes episode #138 of The Troubadour featuring a true American and Country music legend, Gary Morris.

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