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THE TROUBADOUR PODCAST - The Premier Red Dirt, Texas Country and Independent Music Podcast

Nov 20, 2021

Welcome to episode #146 of The Troubadour! 

In 2014, today’s guest left west Texas with his roots in Texas Country and Red Dirt and moved to Colorado to pursue a career.  He soon realized that his love for music and desire to write and perform was growing and he methodically started acting on it.

August Huckabee, began approaching his songwriting and musical aspirations like a blue-collar worker and I’m very impressed with how he’s gone about this.  August has combined his love for Texas Country and Red Dirt music with stories of an outdoor lifestyle in the Rocky Mountains and formed the band, Westrock.

As he’s in the middle of making Westrock into more well-known band it’s quite interesting to hear how he’s going about that and working as many angles as he can.

This is a great episode for artists and songwriters trying to expand their reach and grow their fan-base by listening to what August is doing and how hard he’s working at it.  August also takes to opportunity to ask questions of Carly; someone like with a lifetime in radio with a wealth of knowledge on how artists seeking radio airplay can improve their odds.  I thought that was a pretty smart move.  I also throw my own two cents in when it comes to trying to get booked in front of larger audiences and in bigger and better venues.

To find out more about August and Westrock, where they’re playing as well as where you can listen to their music, go to .

So, let’s get to it folks!  Here comes episode #146 of The Troubadour featuring singer-songwriter and white-water rafter, August Huckabee!


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